What is the “First-Look”?

As many of you, I thought that seeing your “other-half” the first time walking down the aisle is magical.
And it is! No doubt about that! The “first-look” is when a couple decides to see each other before the wedding ceremony.
More and more people decide to do it nowadays. There are few advantage for doing it.
The biggest one that it’s still a very special an emotional moment for both of you but it’s done with just two of you with no distractions from your parents,
bridal party, guests. Just two of you and pure love emotions.
Because it’s such a personal experience you will be able to have it for as long you want and embrace the moment.
Not only will it help us get beautiful photos but it will give you time to enjoy being alone before the rest of your magical day begins.
And believe me, walking down the aisle will still feel magical!

What equipment do you use?

Even though I don’t believe best photography equipment makes a professional photographer, I strongly believe that to get the best results we need to use top-of-line gear. I once heard an anecdote about Chefs and cooking pots. Cooking pots don’t make good chefs but those top chefs definitely use some of the best pots:)
I have been using Canon gear for over 20 years and all my photography equipment is of professional grade. And no, I don’t believe Canon is better than Nikon:) I love both companies!

How many photographers do you have?

We are a small boutique studio. If you hire us, Sneki and Jove, or most likely both of us, will be the ones who will take pictures on your special day.

What is your Photographic Style?

We consider our style of photography to be modern, sophisticated, and fun. We capture the moments and emotion of the day, as well as use color, lighting, texture, and composition to create unique and beautiful images that you will adore. Our favorite part of the day is when we get to pull you out of the chaos for a little while for your photo session. It's really the only time you get to be alone together all day, and so we want to create a fun, romantic time for you to just enjoy your new status as husband and wife.

Do you photograph only in the Chicago area?

Even though my home is in Chicago I am available for wedding in other states, countries, and continents. I have mainly photographed European weddings outside of U.S.

Do you offer wedding albums?

I think wedding albums are the most important memories from your special day! I offer top quality wedding albums that I design myself. Every album I design is different because simply every couple is different! Parent albums and miniature albums are also available.

Can additional items be ordered after the wedding day?

Absolutely! All items can be purchased after the wedding, but it’s more economic to include in the initial wedding photography collection. Savings can be in between 20%-40%

What can I expect from you on my wedding Day?

I will photograph your wedding along with a second photographer. We are very focused on you and your wedding the entire day, we are always looking to capture the details and the perfect moments that will tell the story through the images of your wedding day

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